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EAGLEVILLE, Pa., 2 October 2014.Clear Align in Eagleville, Pa., has introduced the MirZ 8017 long-range midwave infrared (MWIR) zoom lens for MWIR cooled detectors in applications such as surveillance, intelligence, and border control.

The electro-optical lens has been deployed to detect small targets like lighted cigarettes at distances as far as 12 miles, and offers compensated performance over a continuous zoom range over focal lengths from 80 to 1365 millimeters.

Because of the infrared bandwidth, this lens works in conditions that stymie visible lenses: fog, smoke, haze, and air pollution, company officials say.

The MirZ 8017 is an IRZoom brand lens with a 17x continuous zoom capability with less than 0.65 percent distortion and resolution to 25 line pairs per millimeter. 

irZoom, enhancing your field of view.


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